New Schedule Board


The map is now available an the new Schedule Board:

Zoom in:

The route of a single Resource can be shown.
Route of all Resources can also be shown.
Sequence of Bookings of a Resource can be displayed. as well as a tooltip info about a Resource on the map.

The map can show:

  • Unscheduled Work Orders
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Current Locations of your Field Ressources
  • Organizational Units
  • Routes
  • Traffic
Like in old Schedule Board you can drag a route onto a Requirement to create a Booking for a job that is on the way.

Improved daily weekly and monthly view

See the Microsoft detailed explanation video from this spot (for around 5 Minutes):

Available now in new Schedule Board

Improved for jobs covering multiple days or weeks in viewing and editing of Bookings.

Pop up:

Booking can be edited by right click => Edit
Every day of a multiday booking can be adjusted separately.



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