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Where AI is used in Dynamics 365

There are already several fully integrated AI applications available for Dynamics 365 which often only need to be licensed and/or activated or even are there as part of the standard first party apps.

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

Predict customer intent and interests by analyzing customer interactions, behavior, sentiment and demographic data. Deep insights and 360 degree view of customers.

License: 1500 USD per tenant/month (incl. 100.000 profiles)

Dynamics 365 Sales Insights as part of Dynamics 365 Sales

here you have some AI functionality included already with the standard D365 Sales license but the available features can be extended through an on top license. Bullet points are Guided Selling, Productivity Intelligence, Connection Insights, Prediction Models. Includes recommendations for Next Best Action and also Sentiment Analysis.

by Microsoft

License: 40 USD per user/month (includes 3 hours per user/month Conversation Intelligence) on top of Sales Enterprise license.

Dynamics 365 Virtual Agent for Customer Service

allows you to create chat bots which use

License: 1100 USD per tenant/month (includes 2000 sessions / 100.000 Cases)

Dynamics Customer Service Insights as part of Dynamics 365 Customer Service

provides insights in the performance of your customer service employees by natural language understanding including call analysis. It also helps finding trends, brand sentiment, historical comparison of cases and identifying most relevant support topics.

by Microsoft
Call Insights, still in Preview. Picture by Microsoft,

License: 75 USD per user/month (100.000 cases)

Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection as part of Dynamics 365 Commerce

helps e-commerce businesses to fight agains fraud by finding irregularities and identifying risks:

by Microsoft

License: 1000 USD per tenant/month (with limits on number of available transactions for Account Protection, Purchase Protection and Loss Prevention)

Additionally …

there are plenty of other AI tools which can leverage Dynamics 365 implementations in many other ways.

Especially mentioned should be the Microsoft AI Builder, which is an important tool package that provides ready made AI tools for low code / rapid implementation with D365 / CDS / Power Apps. License: 500 USD per tenant/month (1 million service credits).

Dynamics 365 Marketing also leverages some AI capabilities to

– helps author content by suggesting suitable content items

– recommends communication channels to deliver content based on customer preferencesopt

– optimizes journeys towards business goals

– proposes segments according to natural language search

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AI Builder for Power Platform

Create Artificial Intelligence solutions without developer know how.
Introducing AI Builder for Power Platform (by Charles Lamanna)

  • leverage AI and machine learning
  • supports PowerApps and Flow
  • can be extended by professional developers (pro devs)

Capabilities & use cases:

  • form processing
  • object detection
  • text and binary classification
  • analyze and automatically respond to customer feedback
  • business card reader

Sources & more information:
Announcing new features, growing demand for Dynamics 365 and Power Platform
Introducing AI Builder for Power Platform

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